Friday, October 2, 2009

3, 2, 1, GO!

After a being rained out two nights last week this Thursday was a great success. Though only about ten people showed everyone was playing hard and having fun. Not one, or two, but THREE girls showed up tonight! And we had our first game in the rain! !!

Even as winter nears things seem to be moving forward in our small group. There is talk of getting a team together for Midwesterns at COMO and playing the indoor tourney coming up in St.Louis. Sadly our best player is now on house arrest, but what can you do. The girls were talking alleycats and Edwin has a line on more mallet materials. Hell, someone even volunteered to be a secretary!!! We don't really need a secretary (she spent most of the night yelling 321go), but the fact that everyone is stepping up and offering to help is great.

Oh, and I may've even found a group over in Columbus, IN that plays grass polo... hopefully we can convert them to our hardcourt cult.

Good things all around, god I love this town.