Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn in Indiana!

Another fun night o' polo! The leaves are changing and full of color- autumn is settling in nicely here in Indiana. Break out the scarves and ready those mallets! Speaking of mallets, took a few shots of my mallets tonight...

All of them have 1 1/2 inch pipe, mostly just cause its whats available. I can already see the advantage of the larger striking surface of a 2 inch pipe, and I'd definitely like to upgrade to HDPE instead of the PVC and ABS I've been using (broken 2 so far). Still, the smaller surface forces me to shoot straighter and more accurately. Maybe practicing with 1 1/2" and playing with 2" might work out...wow, i'm geeking out about the size of plastic pipe-- guess bike polo will do that to ya!

The left two use steel golf club shafts and the right two use graphite club shafts. The far right one ("charlotte") is really firm, I believe it was an iron club shaft, while the second-from-right is a driver shaft and is almost too light. The far left ("old blue") is one of my original attempts and is probably still my favorite. It's just so well balanced! And there is even a crook in the middle of the shaft that gives the mallet head about a 10 degree slope. Looks janky as fuck but works like a charm.

Also took a quick shot of them bundled up. I use an old toe strap+ piece of cloth to hold 'em together, then lash 'em to my messenger bag with another spare strap. Works pretty well actually.

In related news there will be an alleycat to benefit Hugh & Tiga (arrested I-69 protestors) this Saturday around 3pm. Not sure of all the details yet, but I'll definitely be attending this and hopefully not sucking too much. Polo afterwards!

Also, we're looking to add a daytime scrimmage to our schedule (at a new location! the basketball courts across from the hospital on 2nd). Probably saturdays at 3pm when the Bike Project closes down. Of course not this saturday because of the alleycat, but hopefully from here on out.

So yeah, another good night of polo with many more still to come!



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