Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress

Last thursday it was 19 degrees out and we had 19 people show up! We were so inspired we took a group photo, though clearly my camera is still a piece of shit... Evan's got some good ones though. Then on Saturday (after going to sleep at 5 am) Edwin, Evan, and I got up at 7 am to make the trek to St.Louis for the Missouri friendlies. God damn what a fun day! We're all definitely getting a little better too. Tons of pickup, tons of fun. No pictures cause we were busy playing, but if you haven't gotten to play some out-of-towners yet, your immediate ambition should be to do so...

Thankfully on January 1st we've been invited to play some exhibition pickup with the Indianapolis crew up in their city. Mark the date (like it's hard to remember), but more on that later though.

^This is what my truck looks like almost every night now. We have so much equitment that I can't possibly bike to the courts anymore. We built new boards to replace our stolen ones and brought over our other set of cone-goals (of course we have to take everything with us at the end of the night). Bringing extra bikes too...I even need a golf club bag for all the mallets!

^Rinzin showed up on his new whip. No, he didn't play polo on it, and yes, it is awesome. Not sure if I like the narrow profile on those B43 rims, but that's just my taste. The frame itself is insanely light and if you look at the frame from the right direction the bottom bracket will smile at you! Seriously.

^New jazz in the mail from Danscomp! If you're not familiar with Dan's Competition BMX then check out their site now. They're basically the CaliforniaCheapSkates of BMX biking. Cranks, pedals, brakes, grips, seats... these are all bmx parts that regularly find their way onto polo bikes cause of their strength and durability. I mostly needed a good u-brake, but then found a bunch of other little things I wanted.

^My cat loves anything out of the ordinary. I'm still waiting on another package from BikePartsUSA before I start installing all this jazz. The reason why this stuff got here so fast is simple yet news to me...danscomp is located down near Evansville, Indiana!!! I had no idea they were so close. I talked to one of the guys on the phone and he told me they have a giant showroom with more parts then they actually list! Roadtrip!

^Old man winter is right upon us, and while our court usually looks like this... I wish it looked like this....

Can't remember where I saw this pic, but I think it's in Central or South America somewhere. I'm jealous of both their weather and art. Reminds me of Charybdis from Odysseus' travels. How cool would that be painted at the center of a polo court!!!

^And since the holidays are around the corner, if anyone wants to get me a present make it a set of these :)

....and if you're a really good friend....

...maybe some Mack World Champion Super Lights? Please? Santa maybe?

I guess he's about as real as my chances of owning these. Still, a boy can dream.



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