Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photos from the St. Louis Lock-In!

The Lock-In was more fun than can be described in words. I'm glad so many people from Bloomington were able to experience quality polo in the most fun of settings. Many thanks are due to Lucky and the rest of the STL crew for organizing the whole event, Drew and the Lexington crew for the ski poles, Minneapolis for the hospitality, and pretty much every city that showed up! I think this might qualify for the worlds longest/largest game of pickup. Games were 14 to 15 deep most of the night, though it slowed down to about 8 game back by morning.

Below are a few photos that Bloomington's own "Lightning Lembo" took at the Lock-In. His Flickr can be found here.

Also, here are some photos posted over on the Lexington forum by Drew (thanks for the ski poles!) and the rest of that crew. Really cool people that we'll definitely be having some friendlies with soon! Sounds like have a good thing going on down in those Kentucky hills.

I found these photos here on what I believe is a one of the Chicago player's flickr account. Thanks to whoever took 'em, they're really good shots!

I'd write more about it all but honestly I'm still too tired.

Damn that was fun though! Let's do it again next month?