Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My worst nightmare comes true....

Updated! Post-surgery photos below...

I'm not gonna type much since i'm doing this with my one weak hand, but you get the idea...

I'm having surgery tomorrow morning. They're probably gonna have to put a metal plate in there, but the doc says it should heal ok once it's straightened out. Downside is I'm benched for the next two months... I will be ready for Midwesterns- even if i have to learn to play left handed.

- - - - -


Surgery today seems to have been a success. The swelling has gone down a good bit and I can actually move my fingers now. Many thanks to Doctor Otto for my new bionic wrist!

My new cast/brace is way better than the temporary one, but it still won't come off for 6 to 8 weeks... which is like 18 months in polo-time. Oh well, more time for strategy and organizing.

See y'all Thursday.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last night at the garage?

Apparently security showed up right as we left and said 'no more', so Thursday might've been our last night playing at the garage. Thankfully spring is just around the corner, so the tennis courts should suffice til we finally transition to the big court.

See y'all Monday.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Little 500 bikes

Ever noticed that "Velo News - local cycling blog" in the links down to the right? It's Bloomington Velo News- an awesome local blog that (mostly) covers road racing and little 500. Recently they even mentioned a group of cyclists playing polo around town.

Aside from keeping everyone up to speed with local events and road racing, they do cool things like getting photos of the new Little 500 bikes the moment they're shipped.

I don't much care for the welded frames, but at least these ones look pretty. BVN called it "retro sweetness"- I like that. The forks are always nice on these things (straight and threadless) and the custom tires are pretty sweet too. That gold chainring/sprocket is a bloody eye sore though. I thought they learned their lesson with that one a few years ago. This time it especially looks out of place as it does not look "retro" in any way.

Pedals are probably stock platforms but you can't see 'em cause their in the bubble wrap. Same with the handlebars but I can tell they're the straight-angle style instead of the classic curve. Not cool, but I'm pretty sure you can switch those out anyway.

Overall, compared the countless lil 5 bikes I've seen, I'd rate this as one of the best yet- with the exception of that damn chainring!

Originally posted here on Bloomington Velo News.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photos from the garage last night

God damn last night was fun. That competitive A/B game was intense, especially for only ending 3-2. Speaking of...

The members our fearless Bee-squad.

And let's not forget about COACH PLUMMER!

Rinnie protecting his baby.

Our newest slayer on the right.

Dave, thanks a ton for letting me borrow you camera!

See y'all thursday.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Videos from Greifmasters in Karlsruhe, Germany

[I originally posted this over on the club blog, but seeing how it's not Bloomington-specific I probably should've posted it over here. Not that anyone reads this anyway...]

Greifmasters was a tournament held this past weekend in Karlsuhe, Germany. Teams from all over Europe showed up and the host club put on one helluva event! Not only was it in a giant convention center with giant ceilings and glass windows, but they build/welded their own goals just for this event! Crazy germans and their engineering. Anyway, check out these recently posted videos from the two semifinals and championship.

Sweet photos and commentary at these sites: here, here, and here.

Final rankings available here with complete results listed here.
Damn I wish we could keep stats like that!

The final match included the reigning European champions, l'Equiqe from Geneva. My favorite part of the video is all the background noise- cheering/jeering in English, German, and French! Now that's my kinda mixer.

I need to go back to Europe- it's been too long.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dedication and the dead of winter

Even with the low temperatures, even with the snow, 15 dedicated people keep coming out!

I'm really glad we've made the full-time switch to goals. These pvc ones aren't the best, but maybe by summer we can get a second set of folding metal goals. Still, I almost forget what it's like to play with pylons.

^And we need to remember to bring more salt next time!

^Rinzin's sweet new mallet. Milwaukee pole + St.Cago capped head.

Remember to mark your calenders for the Midwestern's in Minneapolis- May 22nd & 23rd of 2010. I say we shoot for a Bloomington team to make it to the double elimination on Sunday.


Friday, February 5, 2010

English discwheels in Elephant Magazine

A little warmer out tonight! Predicted snow turned into light rain- might the weather finally be turning?? New people, a free wheel given away!! I'm very excited for bloomington bike polo once the weather turns.

Thought I know nothing about Elephant other than what i read on this site, but i think their spread of London discwheel covers is awesome! A few of those wheels are actually in the post i made a few days ago.

[originally posted by sven, here.]

Now go shop at Bikesmiths!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Epic recap video from the 7th Midwestern's

Sweet edit from COMO by the great Mr. Do. As seen over on the dot see-ay.

Note the only speaking is an aside about goals being better than cones! He's produced some of the better bike polo footage out there, but this might the best one yet!