Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Little 500 bikes

Ever noticed that "Velo News - local cycling blog" in the links down to the right? It's Bloomington Velo News- an awesome local blog that (mostly) covers road racing and little 500. Recently they even mentioned a group of cyclists playing polo around town.

Aside from keeping everyone up to speed with local events and road racing, they do cool things like getting photos of the new Little 500 bikes the moment they're shipped.

I don't much care for the welded frames, but at least these ones look pretty. BVN called it "retro sweetness"- I like that. The forks are always nice on these things (straight and threadless) and the custom tires are pretty sweet too. That gold chainring/sprocket is a bloody eye sore though. I thought they learned their lesson with that one a few years ago. This time it especially looks out of place as it does not look "retro" in any way.

Pedals are probably stock platforms but you can't see 'em cause their in the bubble wrap. Same with the handlebars but I can tell they're the straight-angle style instead of the classic curve. Not cool, but I'm pretty sure you can switch those out anyway.

Overall, compared the countless lil 5 bikes I've seen, I'd rate this as one of the best yet- with the exception of that damn chainring!

Originally posted here on Bloomington Velo News.



  1. if there was one word to describe us, itd be elitist.

  2. I know right? We'll give you the bike from under our feet and invite even middle aged women to give it a try... and that makes us exclusive?? My head hurts...

  3. the chainring reminds me of cheap beach cruiser chainrings. but you know what? these bikes were built to train and then ride one race so there ya go.

    we may be bike enthusiasts with an edified taste in bike construction, but elitists i pray we are not. p.s. the pics from "last night at the garage" post are really cool/ have a hardcore feel to them. nice.