Thursday, February 11, 2010

Videos from Greifmasters in Karlsruhe, Germany

[I originally posted this over on the club blog, but seeing how it's not Bloomington-specific I probably should've posted it over here. Not that anyone reads this anyway...]

Greifmasters was a tournament held this past weekend in Karlsuhe, Germany. Teams from all over Europe showed up and the host club put on one helluva event! Not only was it in a giant convention center with giant ceilings and glass windows, but they build/welded their own goals just for this event! Crazy germans and their engineering. Anyway, check out these recently posted videos from the two semifinals and championship.

Sweet photos and commentary at these sites: here, here, and here.

Final rankings available here with complete results listed here.
Damn I wish we could keep stats like that!

The final match included the reigning European champions, l'Equiqe from Geneva. My favorite part of the video is all the background noise- cheering/jeering in English, German, and French! Now that's my kinda mixer.

I need to go back to Europe- it's been too long.



  1. Still, not everyone is on the LoBP, so I wanna make sure they know about sweet stuff like this... we could learn a lot from those germans.

  2. wow guy who yelled boring in the final at about 4 mins of no goals was so right. interestingly, his comment brought the game to life.