Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tr!cksatz headset- perfect for polo?

I ran across this fancy German headset which stops the rotation of your bars at a set position. The copywrite (see below photo) says it's meant to protect your top tube, but the other night Jake and I were talking about how perfect this would be for polo.

Instead of constantly jackknifing your fork when trying to make tight turns, imagine if your wheel stopped at that one degree before turning inward and throwing your from your steed. Eventually you might not even have to think about how far to turn, but just slam your bars to the right or left to instantly maximize (or should I say minimize?) your turning radius. So long as these are adjustable (from the design they appear to be) this style of headset could make a huge difference in bicycle polo.

"Have you ever in a crashed, and scratched the handlebars over your top tube or slammed the triple clamp fork into the down tube? Stupid maneuvers that scar your frame for life. That is the reason why we developed our Tr!cksatz headset which prevents you from knocking your handlebar.

CNC machined of aerospace grade 7075 aluminum, anodized, laser etched logos and with the best angular contact bearings available."

Official site located here. Check out their other cool stuff.

Now if I had an extra $150 to spend on a headset...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bench Minor in NYC

Last weekend was Bench Minor at the Pit in NYC. This tournament was quite different than the normal polo format, instead using 60 minute games, large teams of up to 12 players, continuous hockey-styles changes, and the east coasters even finally used some goals. I really wish I could've been there (but rinzin actually was)! Here's some photos from the thread over at

Photos sets here, here, here, and here. Results here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best polo edit ever!

Yesterday at the park Rinzin told me about this amazing video. Undoubtedly the best editing job I've ever seen (in a polo video). Plus the soundtrack selection is spectacular.

The Hellcat Alleycat is a race happening on the cobblestone streets of Lille, France. Great teasers considering the event isn't happening until November.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here and there...

Polo's been slow. Everyone has been traveling for spring break or getting sick. And the nights we can play (like tonight) it's pouring rain. FRACK!

I'll just leave you with this awesome video I found while browsing (ie buying more gear) from Danscomp.

BMX for life, eh? Pretty much everything is this guy does is awesome. Check out more stuff at his youtube page.

Más tarde.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye winter, hello spring!

We've finally turned that corner! Days are warm, nights are mild, and the bicycles are out in droves. Last night ten new kids showed up and at one point there was as many twenty-six people at the court!

How if I could just find that magical healing spring... and get a new camera.

Good times. And since this article ran on the front page of the IDS (with these photos posted online) I'm hoping even more people will show on Thursday.