Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grass bicycle polo @ San Mateo (1940-1942)

The other day I was sitting at our lovely public library and for some reason typed "bicycle polo" into the search box, just to see what might come up. Much to my surprise a single entry flashed on the screen- "Unseen Cinema: early American avant-garde film 1894-1941".

Wha?! I rushed down to the A/V dept and, after a bit of digging by the clerk, rode home with a old dvd and the promise of black and white polo film.

It's old school alright. Don't mind the silly music and watch for the "trick shot" section around 1:40. A wreck gets cut off at 3:20, but luckily the ref (and his bum-bars) are there to see if he's alright. After some laying around and air in the tires it's back to to field... enjoy.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Indy Bike Polo featured in MetroMix

Dropping the hammer: Indy Bike Polo
Credit:Frank Espich / Metromix

"Every Thursday night, on the parking lot between Delaware and Alabama streets under the I-65 underpass, a group of cyclists convenes, armed with homemade mallets. Six of them throw their mallets onto the ground, and split them into two groups. These are the teams. Then, each team retreats to its goal as a ball awaits at center court.

“3-2-1,” the players say in unison, “Polo!”

That’s how every game begins for the members of the Indianapolis Hardcourt Bike Polo club. Launched in early 2009, the club has gradually grown in popularity — a recent game attracted more than 30 participants and spectators. All games are co-ed, and anyone can come and play, borrowing bikes and mallets if they don’t have their own.

“You can play as hard or loose as you want,” organizer Keith Cruz said. “The biggest thing is just being able to stay on your bike. It demands a lot more agility and balance than normal bicycle riding. Beginners crash a lot.”

Cruz and company are networking with nascent clubs in other Hoosier towns. Tournaments will be held in Bloomington, Muncie and Fort Wayne this summer. Area residents are welcome to join the club any Thursday night. “We just recommend you bring a helmet.”"


I love to see the local boys gettin some good press!

Also of note, this whole "heroes on two wheels" series gave a shout out the Indy Cog crew. While I don't live in Indianpolis, it's easy to see how much they're doing for the local community. In the past year they've brought more press and attention to cycling issues than any television or radio channel in the area (that I've noticed). Glad to see them gettin some props for their good work.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

More polo in the park!

Great to see you again Keith! I can't wait to finally meet the whole Indy crew.


Ice cold lemonade!

What a great Saturday! The Farmer's Market, the Bike Project, National Record Store Day, Rock'n'roll Prom, and of course polo in the park.. how could this day get any better? Lemonade stand! My good friend Bryant and his lady Tessa set up shop on 2nd St and went to town with the cookies and drink. Let's do this again next week!

I especially liked the $1 "special lemonade"!


Friday, April 16, 2010

United Kingdom Championships

Happening this weekend in Manchester. While I'd love to be there and see who takes the crown, I'm mostly posting this because the flier is awesome. Simple yet stylish, and ya gotta love that wheel cover.

London FG/SS thread here.
LoBP thread here.

They're even playing on an indoor hockey rink, looks like it'll be a hell of a time.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lil' Slayers

Posted here on the dotca by Joey. Flickr set here.

That kid is already rolling strong though. The kid below is the son of...Ben Hunter, apparently. (my mistake kev!) I wish I could've had this early of a start. Photos from the same thread.

Yup- he's definitely a polo player!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday at the park

Saturday was one of the most fun days I've had in a while, and not just cause I'm good at running up stairs. Bike polo + cookouts = happiness! It was no Lexington meatfest, but plenty good for our tastes.

In other news (and photos) Missy and I will now be coordinating outfits in the easter-mod fashion, Lembo makes faces like a bat, and the mallet-toss has replaced footdown as my new favorite game.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

DIY wheel hangers

These little guys are the best space saver since I started hanging frames on the wall. Usually my house is covered in bike parts (and that's still true) but the eight wheels at the foot of my bed were always in the way. Yesterday I finally got sick of 'em, and noticing the unused space in my closet went to town on some spare hangers. Easiest mod ever.

Just cut the hanger in to pieces with any old tool. Then bend 'em to the desired shape. I find it's easier to make lots of little bends than a big curve at once.

Then hang all those spare rims that need to be trued where your "nice" shirts are supposed to be (if you actually had any). Sure there are other ways to store your wheels, but this one only cost me a 5 cent hanger and 15 minutes of my time. I like that.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Souvenirs from Lexington

Sweet poster, eh? Us bloomington boys were handed these during the closing ceremony, what for you ask? I'm gonna say it's for "most improved" or "congeniality", but mostly I think it's because Chris Simpson is a nice guy and wanted to give us something to take home! Thank you Cricket Press!

Check out their site while you're at it, they do some amazing artwork. You can actually buy that exact poster here

Lexington was ridiculously fun and surprisingly hot. One million thanks to the whole Lexington crew for putting on a fantastic event. I know not everyone was crazy about the mandatory "trade-a-player" rule, but it did make for some interesting matchups. I especially loved the combination of Como Charlie, Chris S., and that kid with glasses and the blue/green hockey mallet. What a helluva team that was! A semi-reunited "the Comosexuals" ended up taking first place. Was to go Nick and Charlie! Sorry Pete :(

I might have been in a few wrecks too, leading to bruises like this one...

...and gotten a bit of sunburn. The good news is my arm held up fine, although the sturdy wrist brace prevented me from taking strong shots (or passes for that matter). I'll take what I can get though.

And have you seen how awesome the Lexington courts are? I kind of want to move there just for the pickup.