Friday, April 9, 2010

Souvenirs from Lexington

Sweet poster, eh? Us bloomington boys were handed these during the closing ceremony, what for you ask? I'm gonna say it's for "most improved" or "congeniality", but mostly I think it's because Chris Simpson is a nice guy and wanted to give us something to take home! Thank you Cricket Press!

Check out their site while you're at it, they do some amazing artwork. You can actually buy that exact poster here

Lexington was ridiculously fun and surprisingly hot. One million thanks to the whole Lexington crew for putting on a fantastic event. I know not everyone was crazy about the mandatory "trade-a-player" rule, but it did make for some interesting matchups. I especially loved the combination of Como Charlie, Chris S., and that kid with glasses and the blue/green hockey mallet. What a helluva team that was! A semi-reunited "the Comosexuals" ended up taking first place. Was to go Nick and Charlie! Sorry Pete :(

I might have been in a few wrecks too, leading to bruises like this one...

...and gotten a bit of sunburn. The good news is my arm held up fine, although the sturdy wrist brace prevented me from taking strong shots (or passes for that matter). I'll take what I can get though.

And have you seen how awesome the Lexington courts are? I kind of want to move there just for the pickup.



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