Friday, April 16, 2010

United Kingdom Championships

Happening this weekend in Manchester. While I'd love to be there and see who takes the crown, I'm mostly posting this because the flier is awesome. Simple yet stylish, and ya gotta love that wheel cover.

London FG/SS thread here.
LoBP thread here.

They're even playing on an indoor hockey rink, looks like it'll be a hell of a time.



  1. did you guys talk about teams for midwests last night?

  2. We did, but it's pure conjecture. What are your thoughts?

  3. 1 Cosmic 3 LDN
    2 Rotten Apples LDN
    3 BAD Polo LDN
    4 Malice LDN
    5 La Schmoove LDN
    6 Polo Fiasco LDN
    7 3 Beards 1 Cup LDN
    7 Fen Boy 3 CAM
    9 Massive Cogs LDN
    10 Netto Superstars MCR
    11 Two Beer Rule MCR
    12 Los CoƱos LDN
    13 Cream CAM
    14 Sparkle Motion LDN
    15 ELKs LDN
    16 Gnarly Bones LDN/LDN/MCR
    17 3 Guys, 10 Eyes CAM
    18 Black Rebel LDN
    19 UK Champions LDN/LDN/FR
    20 Black Stabbath BRM
    21 Three Less Toffs (no-show) OXF
    22 ASBO Polo MCR/MCR/LDS
    23 SoYo Polo-Co SHF
    24 Brighton BRI
    25 Doomallets MCR
    26 Hip Replacements MCR
    27 Le Mallets Jaune MCR
    28 Sneakinsters LDN/DE
    29 Newcastle NEW
    30 Edinburgh Fixed Gear EDN
    31 B Team (Birmingham) BRM

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