Sunday, June 13, 2010

French Hardcourt Championships

The French Championships happened a couple weeks ago and i finally ran across some photos from it. Read about it here and see the photos here. I really wish I could actually see some European polo in person! They seem to play a very different style then we do here in the states (or at least the Midwest) but I want to find out firsthand. Anyone got a spare ticket to Berlin?

Les champions! Apologies Accepted (Paris)

Final Results:
1. Apologies Accepted (Paris)
2. MGM (Paris)
3. Rolling hoods (Grenoble)
4. Dans ta gueule Puceau (Paris)
5. D.B.A.A. (Rouen)
6. Poloccitan (Toulouse)
7. Broken Legs (Rouen)
8. Marteaux (Paris)
*the top 4 teams qualify for Worlds by placing*

Now let's see how these guys do against American slayers like the Beaver Boys ;)


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