Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team photos from Midwesterns

Check out the whole photoset at Sven's flick and while your at it check out the photographer Christopher Berg's site. He was a nice guy and it was great of him to donate his time to photograph all the teams.

I love the "team photo" idea. It helps you remember who played with who in addition to creating a little momento of the tourament... especially if you placed 25th and took home zero prizes :)



  1. Unicycle polo! And knowing how good that guy is at riding a unicycle, he probably played like that the whole time..

    There are also a bunch of short videos near the end if you scroll through. You can at least see how nice the co-rec courts at Purdue are, and all the pretty-colored velocity rims that fixie riders love so much. I think a lot of the people in those photos are regulars, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of them next weekend!

  2. holy shit tyler got a lot of people