Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday night at Major Taylor Velodrome

What a night! My first visit to Indy's track and Rinzin's first night of real racing. It was great to see Shawn and Richard there too (even if the license-less Wolf couldn't race). There's something sad yet beautiful about that track. Built in 1982 the velodrome appears slightly neglected and stuck in the era, but then you see 13 year old kids and Bianchi Concepts flying around the track and you can't help but smile.

the bank

view from above

ascending spectator

the kid builds a lead

young guns

the veteran leaves through the tunnel

Also, I finally got flickr account to help share the load of these giant photo sets...

So yeah, i'll be going back up there soon, hopefully with a bike this time. Thanks to Rinzin for letting me ride along, Nick for letting me borrow his fancy camera, and Richard for showing how it's done. I think i'm actually starting to like Indy. Just a little bit though.


Did I mention there's also a skatepark next to the track?! Sweet.


  1. so much fun. cant wait till next week. training so hard!

  2. dude, i'm coming up sooon. too bad my bike sux

  3. you guys know what the black frame is at the back left of the top picture? oh and the cinelli looks rad

  4. It's a Cardinal track frame. I believe the guy's name is Charlie and he's borrowing it from a friend. Nice bike, nicer guy!

  5. + Lembo's camera makes me hot and sweaty...

  6. zach's thinking of a different bike. the guy in the way back has the cardinal bike

  7. yeah i don't know what i was thinking... the Cardinal is the white one.

    PS - i built up a ghetto track bike. 53/17 baby!


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