Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bluegrass State Games - photos & recap

My new favorite restaurant, Stellas.

Bouldering wall in the attic of Mike's house!

Drew's collection of piss jars. (not really)

Awesome little sidepack. I really need to get one of these. I'm always losing my phone, wallets, keys, smokes, et cetera... wouldn't it be nice to have an oversized removable pocket to keep all that jazz in? Yeah, it would.

Smoke bubbles!

For some reason there's always a plethora of dogs hanging out at the Lexington courts! I'm not complaining though.

I even remember photographing this old guy last time.

As this tourney was a part of the "official Bluegrass Games" the powers that be made sure two medics and a ton of water were on hand. Bravo to legitimacy!

So normal Bloomington luck-- who do you think we drew for our first game?
Yeah. Of course.

Travis got a laser past their keeper and we stuck with 'em, 1 to 1, for about 5 minutes.

Then Chris started doing his thing...

...and minutes later we went down 5-1.
It sucks to lose your first game when the entire day is one big double-elimination tournament, but it's always good to lose to the best
(and hopefully learn something in the process).

The military even showed up with reinforcements (aka water).

"Here comes trouble."

"What the fu.."

Pat is a tough, good player. I like playing against him.

So yeah, Louisville brought an honest to goodness unicycle to competition. The guy could turn on a dime but his acceleration and impact resistance just wasn't there.

This is taken afterward, but the ATLa vs. LEXb game was really great to watch.

Lee from Dayton. Awesome bike and player.

And some of the many awesome bikes...

Sweet removable wheelcover.

Fixing a taco'd rear.

The lower the sun got, the better the games were.

Check out this sequence leading up to the final goal. Bourbonic Plague ftw!

[Photos by Miss Jordan Fredricks.]

Another fantastic weekend in Lexington!
Great people, great courts, great polo.
Can't wait for Midwesterns! (in Lex 1st week of Nov)



  1. Jealous of all that, wist I could of gone.