Monday, July 5, 2010

My new hero?

"Marc (Apologie) filming Ian (RVA) doing tricks at the Pit."
Seen here at the dotCA. By Marc, who you may recognize from some earlier posts.

I've never seen this guy play, but i've heard of him. I've only ever seen two other people do the shit he's doing here- "the Peacock" from Ottawa, and to a lesser degree, Chris Simpson of Lexington. I'm sure those CHI & MKE slayers could pull it off, but they're to busy with movement and passing to mess with such fancities. Is that even a word? Who cares! the bar has been lifted and i have some practicing to do.

NAHBPC relevant map of Madison

Lembo, i hope ATX training camp has been good to you! Shit's gettin real and we're playin for keeps at Madison. It'll be the "end" of my "rookie season" and i think we're ready to step it up. 32 teams make it to Sunday, and one of those teams is going to be Cutters Polo.

2010, the year of bicycle polo!



  1. Alright zach, good team dynamic, you throw the ball around like a gypsy and i'll move around and pass. Lembo brings the lightning. I think that will work! AHAHAHAHA. ps, polo trailers rule!

  2. Practice your checking. A stiff shoulder negates any fancy scoop nonsense.