Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NAHBPC - Photos Part II

Great bike, sticker, dude.
Even while camping he drank from ceramic beer steins.


My first real look at European polo. "Go DTGP!"

"Oh wait, you're playing against Lexington... go Chris and Nick!"

What a great fucking match. Not many people saw it since it was early in the day, but both Lexington and Paris both put on quite a show. Good passing, good blocking. Creative shots and movement all around. A pleasure to watch.

Yes, that is sand he is adding to the court. A failed attempt at added friction. Thankfully MAD's plentiful courts provided more than enough space for both pickup and tournament play.

"Ouch." T-bones aren't just 90 degree impacts. Anytime someone comes from behind, flying outta nowhere and slams into your bike at full speed- that's a no no. The Florida crew was really nice so i hope this guy's feeling better. It wasn't pretty when he went down.

"Smile Joe!"

A true custom bike.

Lexington warmup.

Intricate passing and scoop shots aplenty.

One of the many end-of-game disagreements to take place over the weekend. While the refs made calls sparingly, i thought that they all did a great job of making fair calls when they did. I realize bike polo is for the most part self regulated, but i thought the refs added to the quality of the game by keeping things fair and level. No one got out of hand or violent. Play better, not rougher.

These slayers hugged it out afterward,
but keep in mind it was some intense polo beforehand.

I use the crappiest of cameras, but i really like this photo.

The Beavers take on COMO A.

I love watching both of these teams play. Totally different styles, but both amazing nevertheless.





Pete (on left).


Charlie (atx).

Sven sticking to his guns.

East Van was a solid team. Not a lot of zazz and finesse compared to the others, but just fuckin' solid. I got lots to learn from Cascadia.

A hard fought game by Austin. Maybe one of the more controversial games of the tournament, but all i gotta say is that goal judges need to stay in their bloody seat and watch the line. Way too many times did the referee look to a goal judge that wasn't there... the ensuing alternative is mob rule.

Nice guys from Cog Magazine. They took the time to interview most of the important people at this tournament, so i really look forward to how their article turns out.

Messman and Jackel steeds.

Really young guns.