Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NAHBPC - Photos Part III

Cascadia's best vs. the Midwest's best.

Midwest heavyweights.

The crow's nest.

COMO vs. Piranhas

The young and the restless.


The best goalie in the world.
(thanks for the tshirt seabass!)

Bourbonic Plague (LEX) vs. Team Smile (SEA)

I cannot describe how awesome this was. As defensive as Seattle is Chris and Nick found a chink in the armor and took down the defending World Champions. What a match! What a match!

Thankfully COG was there to get the full scoop ;)

And afterward a lil' slayer took to the court.

Seattle vs. Seattle.
Some of the best games of the tournament came from the three A-squads that the Emerald City brought to Madison- especially the ones against each other.

"It's all your fault, Messman!"


First the mallet...

...then the bike...

...alright, we're all friends here.

At this point the Piranhas (from Pheonix, Arizona) had just defeated the Como A squad. They then had to play one of the Seattle A teams. During the match one of the young guns broke his bike and had to switch it out. Since these guys had parents there, one mother and one father found their way onto the court...

Honestly, this is my favorite photo of the whole tournament- in the midst of epic competition that would make most of us cringe, a father finds a moment to reassure his son...

Past meets future. Future meets destiny.

The future is now!

The man in the middle played goalie for the two younguns to his side. He spoke of playing grass polo for the past 13 years, while his striker and halfback were only 12 years old!
Seeing these boys play made me re-evaluate my perspective of polo.

Family photo.
Three generations of Phoenix Polo can be see in this picture. The fact that COG is sticking the microphone in the face of the youngest speaks volumes about their club and culture.
My new heroes.

The underground food collective ran a food booth at the event. At first we were surprised that food wasn't provided, but then we were surprised at how cheap and awesome the Food Collective's grub was! 3 gourmet tacos for 3 dollars! Ciabatta and italian sausage with the works? Hell yes! And the best of the best, in my Indiana opinion, was the grilled corn for a measly $1! Bowls of butter, sea salt, and pepper basically made my weekend. If we're eating food like this i don't care how much it costs.. yes please!

This is what the infield looked like for most of the weekend.

Again. A true custom. Not only is a Bilenky. But it's got couplers and a rear disc, in addition to the most recognizable front wheel in bike polo.

The corner view.

God bless Madison, Wisconsin! But not their mosquitoes.

One love.

"Just kiss already!"

Slayers. And nice legs ;)

Jazz had no idea what was happening when she blew that shell.

"Ah to be young again!"

"Yeah, definitely MVP."
Those who stuck around.

Oooh, brother!
You, you got me. Me, i got yooouu!

Obligitory shot of Slayer Simpson's rig. I think i've taken a photo of his every bike since Midwesterns last year. Apparently he's got it all wrapped up for his European year abroad. Loving those couplers, that paintjob, the Brooks seat, and even Burro wheelcover are top notch! This boy is serious about his polo.

The statesman bids the party bus farewell.

Now these last few photos I took are, to me, quite telling. Since i discovered bike polo about a year ago I've been fairly obsessed. I want to be good at polo and contribute to the sport; but i know i'm green- i always try to consider those who came before me. Who they are- where they've been- what they've done. Some might say they named the sport, or even invented it....

...but now i see them as the last guy picking up trash...

...and the last man riding the court.

My rookie year is quickly coming to a close.
I've seen and learned some amazing things,
but i now see my odyssey is just beginning.