Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Indy's New Court

Indy's new court, located behind a public school near MLK park.
The lot is abandoned but the asphalt is actually pretty nice, not too many cracks.

The boards are simple, yet functional.
The only real problem was the soft red getting stuck in the fence.

A good time was had, especially since Ft. Wayne came down.

Doug Gi shows 'em how its done.

"I guess you're not so bad."

Fun times! It's too bad some of the regulars weren't around, but with Stas and the Ft.Wayne crew coming down it was a helluva time. The court itself has a lot of potential. They say it'll eventually be demolished, but for the time being it's theirs for polo. Bloomington can definitely contribute some boards and building knowledge, especially if it means the State Championships can happen there.