Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New goals in the works!

Trex, Donnie, and a few other hands built up some heavy duty, midwestern-style hockey goals. Wider at 6 ft and shorter at 3 1/2 ft i think they're the perfect balance for polo. Width wise it matches up with those euro style goals (which i like) and "slightly larger than one bikes length" seems to be the average that people are moving towards (more scoring action). Some people don't like the extra height that hockey goals bring but how many polo goals do you actually see scored up in the 3 and 4 holes? Not many, but they're sweet when they do happen!

Now we just gotta find some fishing net...



  1. Watch for balls in these soon ala Tree City Polo!

  2. that looks sick.

    can we not be tree city polo....