Friday, August 20, 2010

Weird Brazilian Bike Polo video

EDIT: I'm having trouble with the video embed, so just in case here's the link- San Paulo BP at R7 videos

I know a decent amount of spanish so this is slightly intelligible to me, but ascetically it's pretty out there. The announcer's voice alone is makes me wanna laugh out loud, but throw that music in and it gets a lil' silly. Still, i love getting to see what's going down in San Paulo. I hope polo keeps exploding in South America so they can start hosting tournaments! Good food, low costs, and reasonable flights from the US- count me in!



  1. You do know that they aren't speaking Spanish right?

  2. hahahaha sven ftw! Those little cartoons were great. Bike Polo Saturday morning cartoons anyone?

  3. Yes gentlemen, i realize that's portugese- it is brazil after all. They're also such close languages that they're mutually intelligible.

    How come you guys only post when you think i've made a mistake?? Oh well...