Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's in a name?

^the team Cosmic font/logo/stickers.
From my new favorite website-

Our local a-squad is in need of a team name and I need your advice. Yes, you!

While the "Bloomington" moniker has worked so far, Bloomington is a club, not a team. We're specific guys that play together competitively and should differentiate from the larger group (which also includes more, other teams). We've used "Cutters" a few times (for obvious reasons) but despite the symbolic value the Cutters actually are a legit little 500 team. Hell, they've become a frickin' dynasty at this point and Eric Young is on the verge of becoming a legend. But i digress. Trex, Lembo and i once used "the Young Abe Lincolns" which i found fun and appropriate. I really, really liked "Electric Wizards" (Evan, Ian, and I at the Invite) but that's a band, not a polo team.

In my opinion, a good team name should say something of both you and your city. I've always raved about how great of names "the Beaver Boys" and "Machine Politics" are, and not just cause they're midwestern and amazing, but because they remind me of their respective cities. Chicago is old, epic, industrial. It's Gotham and Al Capone. It's clockwork and cogs. Then there's Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beavers and lakes and rivers and cheap beer. There's a youth and a humor to it- solid all around.

Now many i'm overanalyzing, but i think a name is powerful and worth putting some thought into.

Other teams names that rule? London seems to know what's good...
-Zombie United
-Rotten Apples
-Team Cosmic
-Malice International (formerly Mallets of Malice, i believe)

I've always loved "L'equipe", "the team". But those Swiss have tons of class, so a good name is to be expected.

Team Smile has always been a solid one, especially since (down a usual player) in London they changed it to Team Frown. Nice guys!

Minneapolis' the "Peter North Stars" has gotta be one of the best, ever! Old school hockey and porno references while still sounding casual to the average joe. I also remember a team from the Lexington Invite called "Pedalphiles"! For some reason there was a lot of deviant, sexual team names at that one. Anyway...

Our brothers in Japan run the gambit from odd names like "Yellow Stick Mania" to awesome ones like "Black Wrist", which sounds like an old video game/metal band. I'm not sure how relevant they are, but hopefully the name we decide on locally will be.

So what's your recommendation?



  1. how bout the neighborhood polo society

  2. I still like Tree City Polo.
    Stonecutters is ok.
    Bloomington A is lame.
    Little Tibet is neat but too specific.
    Amber Waves of Grain works but is kinda ghey.

  3. So i still like "Electric Wizards". And today i remembered "Young Guns". But those are a band and movie, respectively, so rinnie will probably hate 'em...

  4. i hate everything. just drop me and pick up a normal person

  5. we don't want a normal person. we want someone awesome! you.

    and really i don't care what the name is we're gonna kick ass!

  6. I think we found a winner- "Nice Actions!"