Thursday, September 2, 2010

London Open final match - Chicago vs. Seattle

Those Europeans just do everything better! How bout that flyer? And have you see the trophy? This video splices nice b-roll with a full match. Loving the constant scoreboard and the commentary (especially since the camera appears to be right next to the referee). And of course since it's the final game there's a Midwestern team involved- Matt, Ben, and Joe take on "Team Frown". Damn i can't wait until a legit sports film crew starts regularly taping polo matches! Imagine the highlight reels!! Oh wait i can...

- - -

Joe bites the fence at 3:20.

Matt reverse shot goal at 4:33. Followed by "timeout, timeout- get that guy a shoe!"

Great movement/reversal at 7:00

Ben diving shot at 9:50

Taking out your own goalie at 10:00!

Girl yelling "down with all northamericans" at 10:32. Funny how the final two teams at the London Open are from the other side of the pond ;) She then remarks "you guys look all sexy when you're angry and stuff". lol i don't even know what to say to that!

Backwards shot at 11:18. Seattle's in the barn.

The steal and breakaway at 11:35 seals the deal!

Wicked neon trophy at 12:03.

Group photo to finish it off.

- - -

Damn those English know how to throw a sporting event! Big crowds, heckling, decent goals and world class teams... but get a bigger court, eh?


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