Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Louisville takes it to the next level!

The fine gentlemen in Louisville will be hosting their first tournament on October 16th. Not only that but they started up a polo-specific blog at that will catalog the Louisville polo scene. Jimmy is doing some serious work for this event as you can see from the flyer's sponser list. Their site even says that Seagull Bags is now sponsoring! So who's gonna win that precious custom bag??? Regardless of the poloing October 16th will be a guaranteed good time. I know for a fact that Louisville parties harder than almost anyone in the Midwest- I hear they even have a trophy that confirms that fact ;)

Many good times ahead in the poloverse!


P.S. - while you're wasting time here why don't you check out the always awesome, Jimmy's Louisville cycling site.


  1. I'm riding into Louisville on my faded neon bike like the polo Grim Reaper.

    -Tim D.

  2. thanks for the mention! we've also got a chrome coveted jersey in the prize box now... i'm just hoping whoever wins that thing will sell it to me. new flyer at

    all sorts of shit to give out!