Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rustbelt Welding prototype polo frame

Whaaaaa? Saw this at Urban Velo's blog this morning. Cleveland's Rustbelt Welding appears to mostly make fences and furniture, but there's also a handful of creative frames posted on the site.

I'm not gonna lie, the frame looks a helluva lot like a Fleetvelo Joust. Well, no gussets and a shorter headtube, but even the fork looks similar. Not really improvements, but if that thing could fit big ol' fatty tires it might be worthwhile. Compare it to this photo of Travis' new 59cm Joust. Either way it's nice seeing custom polo jobs.

Marco from Cleveland (bike's owner) is apparently bringing it to the Midwestern Open in Lexington so hopefully i'll get to ride it, find out more and report back.



  1. The seat stays look a little thinner and the fork appears to have a more severe forward rake, but i think the fork dropouts angle back wayyyy more than the Jousts. Almost like if you were to take a good frontal crash the front wheel would pop back into the frame. I, as well, need to ride this.

  2. The only thing that is separating them looking damn near identical is his seat is just a hair further back and his stem is flatter with risers.

  3. is this a one-off make or are they cranking these out?