Thursday, October 7, 2010

Townie game today at 5pm sharp!

The Thursday afternoon game is happening again today at 5pm sharp. Normal pickup will still happen behind Wright at 9pm. In between those two games we'll be "discussing polo" at the Neighborhood Bar. If you don't know where that is show up to the afternoon game and we'll all ride over afterward.

Expect some shooting practice, the mallet toss, and an epic game of 4-vs-4 on our illustrious big court. That nasty Four Loko you all like might even make an appearance.

And of course Travis will be on hand with all your favorite hair styling tips.




  1. Sweet! Afternoon games are the shit! And thank god Travis will be there. I need a new look!

  2. Hey Zach, I found your hat. You left it in the past, we need to find a DeLorean to retrieve it.