Friday, November 5, 2010

Are YOU ready for the midwestern open?

I am.

Since both Big Red Liquors and their distributor are no longer carrying FourLoko I called all the stores in the county to see if they had any left. One store waaay on the southside said they still had a few flats in the back. After getting off work this morning i drove on down and bought 'em all. A woman buying whiskey even commented "that stuff's dangerous"... yeah and whiskey ain't?


PS - if anyone wants to do a "Loko swap" in Lexington let me know! I like the lemonade and raspberry flavors but they aren't sold in Indiana...


  1. BOOM! Thats why you are the captain! Gotta make sure everyone is prepared to play!

  2. Really i just wanna trade for other flavors...

  3. Polska wants to get lokoooo.

    Cranberry lemonade and watermelon!

  4. let us know what you need. we can talk to our distributor here in louisville and get your whatever you want.

    we are so down for helping finish those.

    jimmy tells me you are travelling to us next thursday, you can crash with zach and i if you need.

  5. ashley if i'm gonna die i at least want it to be on the polo court.