Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 5th First Friday Polo at the Harrison Center

Anyone remember these fun times?
It's that time again! Come play 2-on-2 at the shortest of short courts.

This'll be the third (?) First Friday we've played up there, and despite having newly resurfaced floors in the gym they still want polo to happen! If you've never been it's basically an art opening at a community center with music and drinks and (oddly enough) bicycle polo in a tiny old gymnasium. The caravan will probably leave the polohaus at 5pm, so show up around 4:30 if you plan on coming. And i promise this time we won't "home alone" anyone (sorry jake ;)


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[the original info from Keith in Indy]

Novemeber 5th First Friday Polo at the Harrison 6-9 pee-em

Title says it all.

Since we played there last, the floors have been sanded and refinished to a beautiful luster. Now, it's time to give it a little character.

The Harrison is at 16th and Delaware. Games start at 6 SHARP.



  1. HELLLLLLLLLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be there. For sure.You guys should be too!

  2. Ryan, Crashley, Edwin, Rinzin, Evan=Old Tyme Polo

  3. Tyler you guys can definitely come but i wouldn't bring too many people. The court is unfathomably small and we usually don't get too many games in. BTW, what's the word on Midwesterns?

  4. AWESOME! Unite My Friends! Unite!

    Hey Guess what?

  5. actually it's a tarp.

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