Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random gear for sale

Primo Powerbite BMX 175mm crank arms
Odyssey MDS 30t sprocket (1/8")
Eastern BB (euro)

Bomb-proof bmx drivetrain for dirt cheap. The crank arms are solid but the black color is dulling. The sprocket is basically new. The spindle on the bb is fine, but the bearings are worn and should be replaced. I almost don't wanna get rid of this setup but i'm planning an upgrade!

CCM v04 Hockey Helmet w/full faceguard
used for a season. scratched up and needs cleaned.

Taiwanese faux-Aerospoke 26" (Teny brand)
Kenda 26"x1.5" tire included
basically new. heavy as hell but indestructible.

Minoura Advance Rollers

These things are actually pretty expensive.
I was gonna say $75 since they're unused, but the first person to give me $50 and buy me a beer gets 'em.

Nice and compact too.

Give me a call if you know my number, or hit me up at



  1. What kind of upgrade do you have in mind? Is there a Joust in your future.

  2. hah i wish! just a drivetrain upgrade at the moment, but you never know.



  3. I want that drivetrain!