Tuesday, January 18, 2011

STL Lock-In 2011 - recap #2

Boys will be boys?

Dumptruck took a shot so hard it went right through this wheelcover.

Giant chocolate bar ftw!

Look near the back... see it?
Yes, that is a rectancular piece of arcylic.
No, it did not work well for that player.

Laser Lomax!

Massive game of footdown.


Don't forget to order your very own Boys of Bike Polo calender!

Le anchovie workin' the boards.
Can't wait to see this man's photos!

Happy camper.

Credit and thanks to Miss Jordan for all the photos.

A million thanks, props, and free drinks to the STLWKBP crew for the best 24 hours in polo!

Hopefully we can repay your hospitality in May!

(21st and 22nd, mark those calenders)



  1. I will never forgive myself for not having Kenny Loggins' song "Playing With The Boys" on my iPod for the underwear games. NEVER.


  2. Don't hate me ben, but I actually did have the top gun soundtrack with me...damn it...

  3. "It's Raining Men"

  4. I can't hate you, Travis. My iPod philosophy is to have the perfect song for ANY occasion...Somehow, my iPod wasn't ready for six dudes playing polo in their underwear.

  5. lol! i don't think anyone was ready for that...

  6. That's not acrylic. It's polycarbonate!


    But it's still square. -_-

    Sweet pictures!

  7. To be fair here Ben, there were 8 of us.
    How could you possibly have forseen that?