Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/19 Louisville Friendlies at the Garage

Come hang out with some great people at a great location! The louisville boys have an indoor spot downtown near a couple of strip clubs, so all you fair weather players have no excuse. Hear that Indy?

Party afterwards at the Mag Bar.



  1. Zach if you can drive/or we find a ride I'm in.

  2. OH BOY.

    we are excited to have you. this might get ridiculous.

    if you guys need a place to stay youre welcome at mine and zachs house.

  3. houses for sure. i can't drive in the condition i'll be in. too much bourbon and glitter...

  4. Thanks Mike, we'll definitely be staying the night! Hopefully we can harass some of the Indy/Lafayette/FtWayne guys into coming down too.

  5. No harassment needed, I had already planned on attending.