Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun times in Little Rock??

Check out that note next to the number 43! Sounds like the weather got interesting during the double elimination. Fortunately i was following the spreadsheet and got to read humorous updates like that one.

1. Barry White Supremacy (super-team)
2. Los Cuatreous (ATX)
3. Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife (COMO)
4. Bluegrass Blazers (LEX)

5. Minute Men (COMO)
5. 1x1 (MPLS)

7. Krispy Kreamers (NOLA)
7. Scary Larry (Lawrence)

Also, ZachRob from Louisville took a brutal hit and had to sit a few games out. I saw a picture that looks pretty gnarly- hope you're better dude!



  1. Where is this picture? What was he hit with? Mallet? Swan dive into pavement?

    Feel better, Zach! Chicks dig scars (so I hear...wouldn't know though...I gots no chicks).

  2. He sent me a picture text (that i can't figure out how to upload). I believe it was just high speeds and reckless abandon... that's the Lou for ya.

    I really wish I would've gone. Looks like Midwestern teams really cleaned up.

  3. "Looks like Midwestern teams really cleaned up." Yeah, what else is new? Midwest is best!

  4. it was a lou lex grudge match one of the newbies from lex bumped me in the true polo sense, my pedal caught his downtube as he braked through me over the bars through the air in into MicMc's rear triangle. my bent elbow caught in his wheel as he pedaled damn near ripping it off. heres the damage list, just got back from the doctor.

    torn muscle in 2 groups: deltoid, infraspinatus

    deep tissue bruises in: trapezius, tricep, bicep, pectorals, extensors, flexors

    compacted cartilage, surface bruising, lots of swelling, dislocated shoulder, 3 cuts from spokes, possible stress fracture and light bone damage.

  5. Dude,
    Sorry. I was wondering how that turned out. I just got my stitches out the other day..but definitely got off easy compared to you...didn't see it, but heard it & then saw you laying on the court relocating you elbow & shoulder-Hope all that heals up quick man.
    Dave O