Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good night sweet prince

I can't take it anymore.

I've pushed the my old Nishiki to the limits, and short of it being stolen by a cyclops and reforged by Vulcan himself in the fires beneath Mount Etna... well, you get the idea. It's not a polo bike no matter how much i want it to be one.

Call it frustration, call it anticipation, but after Riverside next weekend I'm retiring this thing for good. Even if that means i don't have a polo bike for a while. It's becoming a crutch- I need a sword.

One last ride into battle and she'll finally be put out to pasture.

It's time.



  1. time to visit The Rob Shop soon...

  2. you got my craigslist add yesterday. time to visit Biolife, sperm bank, rob a bank, whore yourself, hold Tucker for ransom, or all of the above.

  3. zach. this was quite poetic. we'll have a ceremony to but your bike to rest, eh?

  4. what is bad about it i bet a new fork would aid your woes.

    i'm more a fan of mtbs over road bikes, suits my style more i also like the larger tires. you should look into one. try a larger frame size, look for a stand over similar to a road bike ie less slope in the top tube.

  5. What are you going to do with it? I can find it a good home.

  6. so what ya thinkin? joust time? i think so.