Sunday, March 20, 2011

A very european polo bike

More photos at

Set back seat posts (along with curved seat tubes) are one thing that translates well from grass polo. But an all black brakeless fixed gear with gold hubs... meh.

I love polo bikes, i love 48 spoke wheels, and i love short stems, but i'm just not into this bike for some reason. While I do like that EXIF writeup though, i think this bike may be a bit too European for my tastes-- give me a Joust any day.



  1. are these 700 wheels? they seem to dominate the frame, which makes it seem a little unwieldy on the court. interesting tho. btw zach what explains slung back seat posts? i imagine one would want to be forward as possible in polo.

  2. i have a problem with the frame, its unreinforced 1020 steel. which is pretty soft, and its a bmx company, you'd think that they would at least spring for 4130 with gussets reinforcing the headtube. i'm with you, i don't like it.

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