Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Black Label - Bicycle Goods

This year Stas from Ft.Wayne started making his own products: bags, top tube pads, et cetera. I had the opportunity to acquire one of the first models and now that I've used it for a while I'd like to offer my opinion.

Like most bags it's Cordura and webbing, but unlike most it expands to fit whatever you need. It's much larger than my Chrome hip pouch but just as portable. Before i couldn't fit a headset wrench or full sized file in with my tools- now i can; plus there's plenty of space to carry more tools than you'd possibly need. I also tried it out with clothing and was able to carry three tshirts and three pairs of socks no problem. Hell, i could probably fit a small wardrobe in there if i wanted...

I really like that's expandable to the size you need. The handle is handy and I hear he's even updated the new models to include pockets/slides for pumps and the like. It'd be great if the inside have a waterproof vinyl covering, but he's selling these things for a song so maybe that could be a feature on a future "deluxe" model.

Seriously, for $20 this is the best tool bag I've ever had. It has all the features i want at a price i can afford. Take a moment and check out his work at Good stuff.

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  1. i totally agree, that tool bag that we picked up from stas at spring break has not left my bag since. it has become the LHBP tool pouch and can carry pretty much everything (including a couple koozies.)

    we still on for espi 6?!?!?