Monday, April 4, 2011

Photos from the Lafayette Riverside Invite

Sweet seats that Louisville made.
...and (of course) with an extra piece of metal they turn into giant triangle noisemakers!

The dasher boards weren't hockey grade, but they gave awesome rebounds and boy were they loud!

Easily my favorite place to play polo in Indiana.

To quote Michael- "Stas is a marked man."

Of course it came down to the two Milwaukee teams, and of course they put on a great show!
Not sure about the team names though- should've gone with Bardens and Weavers.

Since RobG bailed on us at the last minute we were looking for a third... as luck has it, guess who shows up without a team?
Lexington's own blonde haired viking supermodel Will.
And guess who took home Most Valuable Player :)

Mr. MVP gettin' a taste of the Milwaukee sponsors.

I gotta say it again- Kevin and Tyler did a GREAT job with this tourney.

Hot dog eating contest for a Chrome backpack??
Hell yeah.

God my camera sucks... at least Bruce was there to get the good shots.

We forgot to play a 3rd place game,
but tied for third sounds pretty good to me.
Here's to many more podiums in the future!



  1. The photos are good enough for me! Great crawfordsville coverage.

  2. Hotdog-eating contest gave me a giant blister on the roof of my mouth.. never again. Cool photos though. I especially like the first one, I have taken many a photo of our lovely courthouse. Gosh it was so pretty outside! <3Lafayette.

  3. Party clock is on!!