Monday, April 18, 2011

Steaks, Watermelon, and Sunday Afternoon

Start with some tasty steak...

add some good friends with bad fashion sense...

multiply by polo...

subtract old mallets...

throw in one lil five rider...

and maybe a wildcard...

...and that's one fun sunday afternoon!

I think this gentleman would agree.

Thanks and high fives to everyone who came out!
Come back soon!

(like May 20th-22nd soon)



  1. its a weird feeling seeing so many people backin' us that hard and none of them are from lex/lou.

    way to go boys. we'll put you at the top of the list for the drunk elephant banana hammocks.

  2. I want that kitty kitty kat.


    Not sure if you saw this. It's better than the last article.

  4. As always Bloomington delivered.

    Thanks comrades!

    Wish I knew what those steaks tasted like...

  5. Stas they tasted great! and the porkchops were good too. but the ribeyes we made even later were by far the best!!! big ups to trex for the meats.