Monday, May 9, 2011

Derby & Debauchery

The Oaks is an amazing event and hella fun! I highly recommend attending if you ever have the chance, though skip those $10 mint juleps and just sneak some bourbon in... I'm planning on hitting up the Derby next year, who wants to go?

As for the Debauchery, Louisville delivered in classic style. Rain, mud, and the crumbling court surface made for limited play for the first half of the day, but plenty of fun and pickup was to be had. The afterparty was metal as fuck and all in all it was another great weekend of good people and good polo.

[i was accidentally zoomed in and biffed this shot,
would've been the best one of the day too!]

Yeah, i'm showing twice just cause it really is that awesome!

"We should go play pickup, now."

ATL killed it! MVPs all around.

"So how was pickup?"

...and back home again in Indiana...



  1. Look at all those GD cheater mallets!

  2. beautiful pictures.

  3. Sven, the oversized+sidecut mallets are mine. I carry three mallets nowadays, and i'm glad i did since one snapped and another bent beyond use.

    There were, however, a bunch of other sidecut mallets in attendance (in addition to countless oversized uhmw ones) the most notable being the aussie-style Eighth Inch one that the dude from ATL was using.