Monday, July 4, 2011

Lucky x Capriotti x Scott

While at Bench Minor i wanted to pickup some new Lucky... err- St.Cago mallets but the newest batch is still a few weeks out. Luckily he was able to hook me up with some of his Tournament thin-walled pipe and Mark Capriotti had some of his long anticipated TPL caps for sale! (Total Polo Laboratories... i'm just gonna call 'em Capriotti's Caps)

The caps are not too heavy but still require some drillium/swiss-cheesing to make the head balance out. Two tiny wood screws on each side easily hold the cap in place. Now, it's made of HDPE so it's pretty durable, but it's definitely wearing faster than the UHMW caps you'd get on a Cardinal or MKE setup. Still those two caps are made for the oversized 2 5/8" OD pipe while Capriotti's are made for the more traditional 2 3/8" OD size. Keep in mind it's for the thin walled (2 1/16" ID) stuff as opposed to the thick walled (1 7/8" ID).

Matched with a strong and light Scott ski pole and i'm a happy camper! It's working out really well so far- shots are straighter and it's very balanced. That all said i'll report back later on long term durability...