Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Indiana Invitational II - here's what i got...

1st - Urine Trouble (St. Louis)
2nd - Battletoads (Lexington)
3rd - Tree City (Bloomington)

DFL - Crank that BB (Bloomington)
Best Dressed - Apolo 3 (Lafayette)
Most Improved - AJ (Louisville)
Parties Hardest - Jimmy and Louisville
Darkhorse - Tom (Lafayette)
MVP - Jake (St. Louis)

Thanks again to everyone who came out!

It was way to hot but lots of fun.

Next year let's do this in autumn when it's nice and cool!



  1. that sign didn't have a damn word on it about nudity

  2. You really missed some magic by not photographing the "St. Louis Bike Polo" written AND underlined urine on the court after the prizes ceremony. That guy from Cincinnati has a huge bladder.