Wednesday, September 7, 2011

B-line Opening - Thursday @ 5:30pm!

It's finally happening! The B-line greenway trail will officially open this Thursday with a small ceremony at 6pm. Be there and help us hand out polo flyers! Plus you'll be able to check out the space where the new location of the community bike project will be. I was privileged enough to get a tour from Michael Lindeau himself the other day, and after that i must say i am very, very excited about all the possibilities!

Notice the hideous paint job?? That's how you know the project is in for good!

And this behemoth of a building is gonna be the Upland Brewing's new commercial brewery. While there are no immediate plans for a taproom at that location everyone i've talked to has expressed hope for the idea.

Many good times ahead... hope to see you Thursday!