Thursday, October 13, 2011

European polo video comparison


Note the shitty club music, visible brakeless fixed gears, and i'm pretty sure the interviewee is also a dj. Also the level of play looks... low. But i guess that's Italy for ya?


Artistic, alternative music, edgy video editing techniques, again too many brakeless fixed bikes, and even an old dude playing on said brakeless bike at their awesome court in front of an art museum. Yup, that's definitely France.


Straight-forward, informative, practical, and yet a lil' boring. Swiss through and through.

- - - - -

They're all great videos that i had never seen before and i like how each one offers a lil' insight into how each culture approaches polo. Of course this is all my own generalizations, but luckily the internet allows me to say whatever i want. Now if Sideshow Bob would just start making more of his gopro videos...