Friday, October 28, 2011

Who wants to drive to Louisville?

So i just found out my ride to Louisville fell through due to a death in the family. While the circumstances were unavoidable, it also sucks that now i have no way to get there... so i ask- is there anyone out there who wants to pick me up on their way to the tourney??

And looking at that flyer i just noticed a very tantalizing sponsor- Phil! Now i really gotta get down there to win what i hope is a sick freewheel!



  1. BOOM! Ride acquired.

    Lafayette for the fuckin' win!

  2. don't be disappointed but white ind. makes the freewheel...phil makes other fuckin awesome stuff

  3. oh duh i knew that. thankfully even after lafayette ditched me too i was still able to make it to the tourney...and even won a lil tube of phil wood grease ;)