Friday, November 4, 2011

Bloomington's wooden goalie

Simple knock-off of those plastic goalies we used as kids playing street hockey. It works ok with cones, but it really shines in front of a goal. You have the two corner pockets, the five-hole (split by an implied mallet), and enough space to shoot over the wheels for the top shelf. I haven't taken any photos of it in front of the goals but will try to this week. They could probably be more heavy duty, but for a price of $0 i think they're pretty good.

This definitely makes pickup more fun and practice more effective. I recommend you try it, especially if your pickup has low numbers or a wide range of skills.



  1. Very nice Zach...Miss the gang and all but Philly, is well, just Philly. Glad to see you guys sticking it out with the nasty weather. If your interested, keep up to date with I hope my team (Keystone Shockers) does a little better in the tourney than in Swiss rounds. Oh well, good polo, good beer, and somewhat good people. MIDWEST IS BEST.