Saturday, December 31, 2011

the Battle for Middle West - April 7-8, 2012

the Battle for Middle West drawing from Travis Davies on Vimeo.


All the shit-talking will be laid bare! I'm so glad that we're in the same group as Michigan cause that assures that we'll play them at least once. Bring it boys!


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Friday, December 30, 2011

Northern Standard mallets for sale!

The east van crew finally got the Northern Standard website up and running and shafts are for sale!!! Now i'm still really interested in their prototype mallet head (which appears to be injection molded), but apparently they're redesigning it so that's still a ways off. Oh well got my shafts ordered!

I love that we don't have to scrounge for ski poles anymore... with MKE, Fixcraft, now Northern Standard making quality gear there's no reason to use sup-par or used materials.

Product review coming soon.


14 Bike Co. meets equestrian polo-- in Nigeria!

Nigeria Grass Polo Trip from Jon Marshall on Vimeo.

Holy shit how has no one mentioned this yet!?! 14 Bike Co. out of London sent a group of poloeurs down to Nigeria to deliver some polo bikes to an equestrian polo facility (which will apparently use them for grass polo). There's a short write-up here at the English team Spring Break's website.

Good lookin' uniforms too! And at 6:49 you can see the motorcade for that Nigeria prince that's always emailing people...

TripleGoKaduna from blunt films on Vimeo.

I like this video a little better than the first (cause they're actually polo in it) though the choice of music just doesn't fit. I love sufjan, but how about a little more local flavor? I'm sure they have music in Nigeria...

Fucking awesome concept by 14 Bike Co. I'd love to be paid to fly to another country and pimp polo but i think that day is quite a ways off.


Epic Columbus polo edit

Columbus Bike Polo from Murderously on Vimeo.

So the other day travis and i were watching through lots of polo videos. The europeans seem to make a video about everything, and while their quality is top notch they're usually lacking in actual polo. (that's why i like full games vids more than anything) Anyway, all the euro videos seemed to be lacking something... then we ran across this!

High def black and white video, epic shredding christmas music and peter brown's short shorts and long legs- what more could you ask for!

Whoever made this video, well done. Midwest really is the best!


Swiss polo video shot with Red One MX

Bike polo Shoot on Red One MX from Christophe Margot on Vimeo.

Damn those are awesome videocameras! Those things are so high quality that you're usually more limited by the playback medium than the recording itself. It's cool to see such state of the art equipment being used to capture polo, but all that said i'm not really into this video... i mean it's "cool" and all, but where's the polo? It's more like a photography shoot than anything.

Cute shy girl at 1:30 though, so there's that.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Partially Loaded - Kevin Walsh's tour tumblr

Check this out! Kevin Walsh, a very nice dude and great player who's done A LOT for bicycle polo, is trekking around Asia and keeping a tumblr of his travels. So many good photos in there.. and they all came from an iphone!

Nice setup, eh?

Godspeed and safe travels Kev!


Newspaper article on Decatur Bike Polo

DECATUR — For most cyclists, spring and summer are the times to mount up and ride. For them, once the days get shorter, the winds get crisper and the sound of the tires traveling over streets and sidewalks starts to resound with the crunch of leaves, it’s time to hang up the bike.

But not for some.

“For those who are going to be out on the road, it’s base layers,” said Scott Magruder, a manager at Decatur Bicycle Shoppe, referring to the underlayers of thermal clothing that hold in a cyclist’s body heat. “From your neck down to your ankles, there’s different protection you can get.”

Gloves are also a must, said Wes Hogan, another manager who joins Magruder at year-round bike polo games.

“A big part of it is just bundling up,” Hogan said.

Those sorts of protections are probably obvious, but there are precautions a winter rider might take where equipment is concerned, as well. In particular, Magruder said, winter tires for increased traction and riding with slightly lower tire pressure help minimize accidents.

For those truly dedicated to their training regimen but unwilling to brave Midwestern fall and winter temperatures, there are other options, he said.

“A lot of people don’t even do much outdoor riding,” Magruder said. “We use trainers, (a mechanism that) elevates your rear wheel, giving you a stationary bike at your house.”

Then, there’s the local bike polo team, which has plans to continue its twice-weekly regimen of games, even in the cold. The competition kept everybody warm enough Friday evening, as riders wielded their self-made mallets and rode the field of battle under lights at Garman Park. When the weather outside becomes truly frightful, Magruder said the games move to the Nelson Park Pavilion.

“That’s cool because of the fireplace in there,” Magruder said. “The trouble we run into is our fingers get cold, so we have to constantly pad up and use warmers.”

It’s unlikely the team is going to encounter worse conditions than they already have. Magruder said last winter saw some frigid games.

“We played last year in 2-degrees-below weather, and we couldn’t even feel the leather at our fingers,” Magruder said.

Diane Agans said this isn’t her time of year for street riding, but bike polo is still an effective workout, even when the weather turns frigid.

“It’s of course great cardio, which is why I do it,” she said. “I do it for the exercise, but I can’t speak for everybody.”

Keeping your body warm isn’t the only concern. Considering the effect of cold weather on equipment is also important.

“Your hands get cold, your mallet cracks,” she said. “Your brakes might not work as well because of condensation.”|421-7985

Read more: Cold weather doesn't have to end biking fun
From the Herald & Review

- - - - -

Ran across this on the interwebs and loved seeing Decatur get some good press! I have yet to visit their permanent polo court, but hopefully they'll get some friendlies going on early next year. Also, i never posted it, but there's another article by the same newspaper located here and it's a pretty good read. So glad to see those boys movin' forward!

Now if we could just get them to travel more... don't worry though- the STL LOCK-IN is coming soon! And of course there will be plenty of good events in Indiana next year. Keep yr ear to the ground and eyes open.. we got so much shit going on we might even have our own little "tour"!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adidas x Portland polo shoes!

Check these out! Portland Pete (formerly COMO Pete) posted this sneak peak of the polo specific shoes they designed with Adidas. Now i'm not very keen on anyone who tries to commericalize polo (this video and try not to vomit on your keyboard) but this looks like a quality product that player would actually use. Not to mention most of us have rocked Sambas since we were little shits playing soccer. Apparently these are still a proto-type but boy do i hope they actually make a production model! I'd buy em, especially if i decide to give clipless a go next year.

Originally posted here by Mark from Olympia.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Louis Vuitton bike polo photo shoot video

Intersection magazine x Louis Vuitton by INTERSECTIONmagYa know, i wasn't even gonna mention it, but almost everyone has heard about the Louis Vuitton polo bike. I mean, that's cool that they like bike polo and that's a neat custom bike. If it was free i'd gladly accept it, but i wouldn't use it for polo.

Well then i watched this video of the photoshoot... *gag*


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final Match from Santiago, Chile tournament

Final do Sudamerican Polo Rockers from Gabriel Gargamel Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Not the most competitive play, and dear god those boards move around a lot, but nice to see our southern brothers throwing some tourneys. and how about that celebration at the end??


Student documentary on Chicago Bike Polo

Hehe... nice guys. Terrible soundtrack, but it's a nice lil film.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ann Arbor Friendlies

Good times with good friends. I'm a little sad that Quinn didn't show up for her own friendlies, but we all had a fun time anyway. The weather was shit but it didn't damper spirits, especially since AA has such a great parking garage to play in. Both the city and campus were beautiful; a little like if two Bloomingtons were stacked on top of each other. Can't wait to go back. How about a tourney in 2012??

Not many photos this time around, but i do like the few i took. Check out the rest of the photoset here at picasa.

There ya go Alex, keeping ya entertained at work ;)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ghetto tourney video from Dortmund

A while back i posted a few videos from different european countries that i thought exemplified (semi-serious, semi-humorous) their take on polo videos. Well, here's Germany's submission!

Epic music, high quality camera shots, a court set in an abandoned industrial site, slow motion and dramatic cuts to black... i mean come on, even their bracket matrix at 0:58 is tight as hell! I especially love the simple wooden goals at 2:05. Then there's the weird rain-shower shit at 2:34... i'm not sure if i love or hate this video... then cue pretty girls at 1:51 and 2:41.. yeah, it's pretty good.


Fort Wayne's new winter spot

Looks great guys! Can't wait to play there this Thursday!