Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joe Piro's custom Marino polo frame

Marino out of Peru has been making a ton of frames lately. I guess that's what happens when you advertise $250 custom frames! Both joe and jasmine have both ordered theirs and it looks like Joe's is already finished. I always thought it would be a while before curved seat tubes came back into vogue (mostly because of the cost of custom frames) but Marino is helping bring em back!

Can't wait to ride it.

edit: here's the finished raw frame.

edit2: and painted!



  1. you might be able to ride his..if you cut yr legs off at the knees....that shit is short!!!!

    but it looks great. can't wait to see paint on it!


  2. That shit is short because I'm short as shit! It's going to be candy apple red so get pumped!

    Also the frame is actually done: