Thursday, February 9, 2012

First look: MILK polo mallets

You're looking at the most advanced mallet in all of North America!

Travis and i have only been able to hit the ball around a bit with it but i can already tell it's like no other mallet i've ever played with. Yes it really is that light. The lack of holes gives it unique rebound and acoustic properties...meaning it's easier to trap a fast ball and the head makes an interesting sound when you hit it! Kinda like how ABS has that empty *kink* sound when you strike the ball, the MILK makes a sort of *boop* noise... it's weird, but neat. The outer diameter is slightly smaller than oversized UHMW most of us midwesterners use and the inner diameter is closer to that of an MKE head; nevertheless it's really easy to scoop with the MILK, though 180's and outside scoops are noticeably more difficult.

Real testing starts at pickup tonight. More to come.

...and a big thank you to the boys from Geneva!!



  1. Ounces? Come on people. Even I weigh my heads in grams. Guess I'll have to spend 3 seconds figuring out how much 3.5ozs is in grams.

    ~89 grams? That's not _that_ light.

  2. So how much was the cost for your entire mallet, shipping included?

    1. nah just kidding. if you order six of them it comes out to about $60/per mallet/shaft set. if you were to order just one though it would be a whopping $110!

  3. yeah shipping is the same flat rate for 1 mallet and up to 6 mallets. So if you want one, get 5 friends on your side.

  4. Actually if you are okay with a mallet just under 100cm you can save 15 swiss francs (arround 16.5$).
    And i think it's the same shipping for more than 6 mallets. Any way we check the price to the post office website for each order.

    Hope you like it.


  5. (i mean you can save 15 swiss franc in shipping fee)

  6. Quentin, i love that you guys included multiple stickers for each mallet! Two big two little, black and white of each. Nice.

  7. About that... in some case the "K" of the inside MILK don't stick very well. Don't ask me why...

    You are welcome :)

  8. is it the poles making it $$$? if so any ideas on hom much just shipping the heads is?

  9. Yes, shipping like 6 heads is around 18 Sfr (swiss franc) , pole under 100cm is 45 Sfr and our raw pole (102 cm) is 60 Sfr.

    1 Sfr = 1.1$

    The shipping rate are available here: