Monday, February 13, 2012

Indiana's roster for the Battle for Middle West

This was posted on the CO-OP forum yesterday and we're making it public today. Thanks to everyone who tried out at the Combine and even if you didn't make it there's still plenty of ways to help.

Next up- team practice. You guys are gonna wish you missed the cut!



  1. Looking good. You should post what city everyone is from.

  2. sven how are you guys picking your team?? any idea on when your roster will be released?

  3. 1. Bloomington
    2. Bloomington
    3. Lafayette
    4. Ft Wayne
    5. Lafayette
    6. Bloomington
    7. Lafayette
    8. Indianapolis
    9. Ft Wayne
    10. Indianapolis
    11. Bloomington
    12. Bloomington

    stats from Indy & Bloomington

  4. Pretty much what I thought it was gonna be, solid. I am so glad we got grouped together, Michigan is gonna bring all kinds of pain and missery to hand out. Your gonna have to guess what my roster is gonna be, its more fun that way. ITS GONNA BE FUN!

  5. we might not be the biggest, we might not have the most experience, but i'll be god damned if we're not gonna be the most disciplined team on the court!

    we love our michigan brothers, but that flies out the window the moment the whistle blows..