Friday, February 17, 2012

Nate Mumford's custom Squarebuilt polo bike

Look at how beautiful this thing is! and advanced! Propriety coupler system, reinforced track ends, wishbone seatstay... hell, even the textured industrial paint on the fork is a step forward! Lance at Squarebuilt has outdone himself. I can't wait to ride this thing- the geometry seems so.. forward. Then of course there's the details... Tompson setback seatpost, custom Squarebuilt bars, Profiles cranks, Tree sprocket, White Industries freewheel, Ribmo tires... that's the kind of quality we should all aspire to!

Sweet bike Nate, thanks for sharing the photos!



  1. Alex who works at Square built is a Bloomington transplant. They do truly great work.

  2. Hey, thanks for the great review. Also, would like to add that our frames are welded by Alex Trendelman, a born and raised Cutter.
    All the best,