Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding the right helmet for polo

Finding a helmet for polo can be tricky. Road cycling helmets are only designed for a single hard impact and lack face protection. BMX helmets are better, but mounting a facemask can be tricky. Lacrosse helmets offer top notch protection but are heavy and cumbersome. At the COMO Pull-out i took a few shots of the best helmets i saw. This one above is Drew D's- a softball facemask mounted to a Bern. I like it.

This is my new setup- a Bauer 7500 hockey helmet with visor. So far it's offered the right amount of protection while still being comfortable for both my head and eyes.

Old school Jofa helmet! Can't remember who's this is but boy is it cool!

These TripleEight bmx/skateboarding helmets i first saw in St.Louis a couple years ago. They have very soft padding on the inside and it's covered in terrycloth for a luxurious feel, though i'm not sure how easy it would be to mount a facemask. I'm thinking about getting one of these just for around town.

Last we have Christian's Mission hockey helmet with full facemask. This is another great option borrowed from the hockey world. It can take lots of impacts without cracking, has a variety of face-protection options, and Christian definitely won't be messin' up that pretty face anytime soon!

I'm excited to see what other options people are using this year. But no matter what style you use, for god's sake please use some sort of face protection!



  1. Coming from a BMX background, I've always worn skate helmets. Super comfortable with an awesome fit, unlike much of the "cycling" helmets out there. And they just plain look good. But my old school styled Protec just doesn't offer the amount of head protection I wanted, so I've been on the hunt for something different. About a month or so ago my cousin fitted me for some inline hockey skates and I fell in love with a helmet at his shop. Enter the Easton e700. Super light with hard impact foam and a cushioned liner made by Giro. Wraps fully around the back of your head and is unbelievably comfortable. Hands down one of the best fitting/feeling helmets I've ever tried.

  2. tim i think it was you who i first saw wearing a TripleEight helmet (the green one). so since you were right about that i'm inclined to check out that e700 yr talking about..

    do you use any face protection with it?

  3. Yeah, that was mine! The triple eight cracked on me recently, but she was pretty old. It took a long to break in, but it was really comfortable. Now I'm rocking a Protec Bucky Lasek, which has a very minimal amout of padding, but really comfortable. It also fits my enormous head which is always an issue for fitting helmet. Haven't bought a e700 yet, but I plan on it soon and I might try the plastic visor like your Bauer. I only tried one on, but I knew it was awesome immediately.

  4. P.S. I'm always right...